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written and illustrated by paul david o'leary

 copyright paul david o'leary


 this is a preview of the book, not all pages are included,

all paintings are gouache on paper 


It was a crisp sunny morning

with frost on the ground and birds singing up in the trees.

Mr Fox was having breakfast on his narrowboat Wandering Fox.

He liked nothing better than having a chocolate digestive biscuit with his cup of tea.

Mr Fox and Sam his trusty co-pilot needed to restock their supplies.

They were going to the shops in their narrowboat the Wandering fox,

to stock up on more chocolate digestives.



With nothing but blue skies and fair weather

Wandering Fox glided through the water with a simple grace.

Mr Fox's paw on the tiller moving the boat gently through the cut.

The birds that perched on the telephone masks

twitted as they went by.

Tweet, tweet tweet tweet as if they where in rhythm to the KUG KUG KUG KUG

of Wandering Fox's engine.

Over the noise of the engine Mr fox could just hear his name being called,

who was trying to get his attention ?





High up in the woods overlooking a lake is where Mr Fox found the red door treehouse.

Mr Fox became quite shy and blushed as he introduced himself;

"Yes I know where you may find owl,

and know what treats could help owl get better" said Ms Badger.

"What a splendid home you have Ms Badger"

"Care to join me for tea and cake"

Mr Fox's tail quivered with excitement,

"oh yes please"





book released early 2015



The End



view 2013 finished ebook at itunes link below, A Fox's road trip 

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